Wills and Probate Lawyers Sydney

Wills and Estate Planning Services

When it comes to planning for the future you need a lawyer who can not only provide you with effective and comprehensive advice but also one who is sensitive to what can often be a difficult topic.

Our Wills and Estate Planning service empowers you to be in control of your future. From how you would like your Estate to be dealt with to assigning Guardianship powers (which can enable others to make important decisions about your care when you may not be able to) we can help.

We can also provide advice regarding Powers of Attorney as well as the ability to update your Will when needed to accommodate changes in your life.

Our Fees

Wills & Powers of Attorney

Single will – $300 plus GST

Single power of attorney or appointment of guardians – $250 plus GST

Single will, power of attorney and appointment of guardians – $500 plus GST

Couples wills – $400 plus GST

Couples powers of attorney or appointment of guardians – $350 plus GST

Couples wills, powers of attorney and appointment of guardians – $800 plus GST

Powers of Attorney which are intended to operate over land must be registered at the NSW Land & Property Information Authority. This will incur an additional registration fee of $136.30* and registration attendance fee of $22.

* Subject to change every new financial year at the discretion of the NSW Land & Property Information Authority.

Probate Services

If you have recently lost a loved one and require legal assistance to help administer their Will, D’Arcy Sloman Peacock can help. We can provide you with the advice necessary to help you meet the necessary requirements during what is often a difficult time.

For Probate applications, our professional costs are charged by reference to a set scale determined by the Supreme Court of NSW and depending on the value of the estate.

Disbursements include the fee to publish a Probate Notice and the fee required to file the Application with the Supreme Court of NSW. Again, this fee is determined by the value of the estate and currently ranges from $687 to $1,741.

Estates valued at under $50,000 do not incur a filing fee.

We are also able to assist you in calling in and distributing the Estate according to the Will after Probate is granted. This work is not regulated under the Supreme Court scale of costs and will incur additional professional fees based on the size of the Estate and the work required.