For conveyancing services Sydney wide and on the Balmain Peninsula, Rozelle and throughout Sydney’s Inner West, our Practice charges the following flat conveyancing fees:


Flat fee of $1,495 plus GST plus disbursements/searches at approx $400-$500 plus GST

Additionally, we can arrange any reports you may require, such as:

  • Pest reports and building reports: approx $450 – $500
  • Strata reports: approx $250 – depending on size of complex


Flat fee of $1,495 plus GST plus disbursements/searches at approx $300 plus GST

Please telephone us on 9818 2888 to obtain:

  • a quote for large strata development contracts
  • a quote for off-the-plan contracts
  • a quote for Old System Title conveyances
  • information on how you can make significant savings on legal fees by using our broker

What is included in your Flat Fee?

Flat fee means our professional fee for a sale or purchase on a standard contract. If complex matters arise requiring specialist legal services then there may be additional fees. Disbursements are not included in the flat fee.

Our flat fee for a purchase includes reading and reviewing the standard contract and requesting any changes prior to exchange to ensure exchange takes place on terms agreeable to both parties and seeing the matter right through to completion.

We will not charge you for reviewing up to 4 contracts for sale prior to exchange. If you are unsuccessful in obtaining a property, there will be no charge other than for any out-of-pocket expenses we incur on your behalf, for example, pre-purchase reports.

What are Disbursements?

Disbursements are out-of-pocket expenses incurred by us on your behalf including costs of obtaining title searches and statutory inquiry certificates required by law for every conveyance. The local statutory authorities set the fees applicable for searches and inquiries. We can advise you and conduct on your behalf the necessary searches for your purchase or sale.

What are building inspections/pest reports?

Building inspections conducted by experts give an overview of the condition of the building a buyer is considering purchasing. It should be noted these reports will not pick up every defect. As the purchaser it is your responsibility to ensure that you know what you are purchasing, and the current owners are obliged to let you carry out unobtrusive investigations. A pest report is also a valuable investment, as it can reveal if there are any nasties hiding in the property.

We are happy to recommend reliable companies to carry out pre-purchase inspections at reasonable prices, and we receive no commission for doing so.

Please contact us today, to ensure your next sale or purchase runs smoothly.

Give us a call today on 9818 2888.