Conveyancing – it’s what happens when people buy and sell real estate.

On the Balmain Peninsula buying and selling real estate is mostly straightforward. Although, more often than you may think, unforeseen events can arise, making things go badly wrong.

Sometimes there are issues with rights of way which crop up now and again. There are plenty of these around Balmain, Rozelle and the inner west. It helps to have conveyancers in Balmain like D’Arcy Sloman Peacock who are familiar with these legal entities and who can explain them to you in plain language.

Some Balmain properties are still on Old Systems Title which means ownership of particular Balmain, Rozelle and inner west properties must be established by examining a bundle of documents known as the chain of title.

Make a mistake in conveyancing in Balmain or Rozelle and it can turn into a financial tragedy. Seriously. You need specialist professional advice.

Our Balmain conveyancing department only does conveyancing, nothing else. We offer a precise, friendly, efficient and affordable service.