Dealing with Traffic Offences in Sydney

Drink Driving – Speeding – Dangerous Driving

Getting charged with traffic offences in Sydney can quickly become very serious and, without the right support, a simple mistake can escalate very quickly.

At D’Arcy Sloman Peacock our experienced team can help you prepare for your Court appearance, including advising you on the best strategy to help achieve the best possible result.

Our traffic lawyers have worked in the Local Courts for many years. We specialise in defending offences such as drink driving, dangerous driving, excessive speeding, licence appeals and habitual traffic offender declarations.

Our advice is reliable and direct. We understand that losing your licence, or worse, can have a direct impact on your ability to maintain a job and take care of your family.

Few legal firms give traffic offences the resources they deserve. At D’Arcy Sloman Peacock we truly understand what is at stake and we work equally hard to ensure a positive outcome.

Any of us are capable of making bad decisions. However, if you’ve been charged with a traffic or driving offence it is time to start making better ones.

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We’ve helped our clients successfully defend…

  • drink driving
  • dangerous driving
  • excessive speeding offences
  • licence appeals
  • habitual traffic offender declarations