At D’Arcy, Sloman & Peacock, we offer a fixed fee DUI defence if you are pleading guilty. This way, you’ll know the cost to defend from the start.

Why use a fixed fee Drink Driving lawyer?

At D’Arcy, Sloman & Peacock, our familiarity with dealing with Drink Driving matters enables us to have a clear understanding of the times and costs required to resolve your matter. We work quickly and professionally—so you’re not paying for any more time than is absolutely needed to deal with your case.

Ours Fees are very fair, our service professional, and our results speak for themselves.

With our fixed fee for drink driving offences, you’ll have:

  • peace of mind;
  • control over your costs;
  • access to high-quality professional representation.

Our Fixed Fee DUI defence

Pleading Guilty to Drink Driving – Sydney City Courts this includes Downing Centre, Balmain, Newtown, Waverly and Burwood.

$990 plus GST (PLEASE NOTE: This price does not include any adjournment prior to sentence date) Any adjournments are charged at $250.00 per hour plus GST.

All other Local Courts it is a fixed fee of $1,490.00 plus GST.

(PLEASE NOTE: This price includes one (1) adjournment at no charge prior to sentence date) Any further adjournments are charged at $250.00 per hour plus GST.

At D’Arcy, Sloman & Peacock, we make quality legal representation affordable. To learn more about your Drink Driving charge, click here Drink Driving Offences

What do our fees include?

As explained above however fixed fees do not include any additional disbursements we incur on your behalf. If you require further clarification on our fixed fee policy please just call us on 02 9818 2888. After hours please call 0414 919 014 (Vince D’Arcy) or 0414 810 625 (Chris Peacock).

Charged with Drink Driving? Your first call should be for a taxi, and your second to D’Arcy, Sloman & Peacock, to ensure you get the best result.

Call 9818 2888 today and book your FREE appointment.

For urgent after hours enquiries, please call 0414 919 014 (Vince D’Arcy) or 0414 810 625 (Chris Peacock).