Have you been charged with a drink driving offence?

If so, your choice of lawyer is crucial.

Drink driving is a very serious charge, a criminal offence in fact. If you have been charged with drink driving, it’s important that you get quality legal advice from the outset—advice that can help you put present your best defence.

Don’t let one drink driving mistake cost you more than it should.

At D’Arcy, Sloman & Peacock, we have helped clients to achieve outcomes that some of the larger firms refuse to explore. We take every drink driving (DUI) case on its merits, and weigh up all possible avenues before agreeing on a strategy that’s as individual as you are.

Our familiarity and long-standing presence at the Balmain Local Court means that you will be represented by lawyers who are known, respected and trusted. It makes a difference. If your matter is of a more serious nature, we also work with some of Sydney’s most respected and experienced barristers, who are able to argue the more complex matters.

In Court, we do the talking for you—all you need to do is be there on time.

Drink driving is a stupid mistake—don’t let it become a life sentence.

Your drink driving charge can quickly turn into a criminal record, with very serious consequences. From losing your license, which means losing your transport, to even losing your job, or your future ability to find work—there’s too much at stake when it comes to a drink driving charge, which is why you need the best legal representation.

Even your first drink driving offence can attract a serious punishment—from heavy fines, to loss of licence, to possibly a jail sentence. However, there are options available to help you avoid heavy penalties?

A Section 10, for example, enables those charged with certain drink driving offences to avoid having a permanent criminal record; and there are also laws that can help those with addiction issues to be dealt with through counselling and healthcare rather than fines and criminal sentences. At D’Arcy, Sloman & Peacock, we take the time to explore your drink driving matter fully, making every reasonable option available.

Our lawyers handle drinking driving offences on a daily basis. We are very experienced with drink driving matters and understand what the Court is looking for, in order to achieve a positive result. We can help you enrol in the traffic offender’s program, seek medical assistance or assessment if addiction has played a role in your offence, and present a strong and persuasive argument in your favour.

Larger firms are typically more focussed on billable hours than personal service. At D’Arcy, Sloman & Peacock, our main concern is you. We offer fixed-rate Court appearances and provide value for money when it comes to your case. Your first appointment is free, which enables you to get to know us, and us to get to know your needs.

About Drink Driving Offences

We understand that being charged with a serious offence like drink driving can cause you a great deal of worry. Appearing in Court is an experience most would rather avoid, but with the right representation you can be confident and calm, knowing you’re in experienced hands.

You may have heard some of the following terms:

  • High Range PCA
  • Mid Range PCA
  • Low Range PCA

These relate to the amount of alcohol that your reading or blood test revealed. The penalty relates directly to the level of alcohol, but there is a range, and ultimately the magistrate decides what penalty will apply to you. With the right representation, you can ensure the result you get is the best possible for your charge.

Traffic Offender’s Program

The Courts often look favourably on those who have been proactive in their response to their charge. We can evaluate your case and advise whether it would be worthwhile enrolling in the Traffic Offender’s Program prior to your day in Court.

Charged with Drink Driving?

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